Cribmaster Solutions (managed or stand alone)

Cribmaster is a provider of inventory management solutions for industrial environment. RJW Industrial Group offers a range of Cribmaster products in conjunction with managed inventory programs. Inventory management programs based on Cribmaster systems increase productivity, decrease production down time, and effect remarkable cost savings.

An organized approach to your inventory that allows for the forecast of usage requirements. Managed inventory programs prevent the costly stock shortages that will bring a company's production to a stop. A detailed, real time, picture of your inventory usage that affords control of inventory, increased productivity, and resultant cost savings. RJW Industrial offers programs tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Managed Inventory Services

Tool and Equipment Repair Services

RJW Industrial group can effect calibration, maintenance, and repair of nearly any industrial equipment. Products serviced include various measuring tools, gages, and indexable tools.